Service Catalogs

Click below to view the services offered by the Program Management Office. The PMO is organized into the practices typically required to deliver enterprise and departmental software development and integration solutions. Each practice is led by a practicing Subject Matter Expert who oversees the delivery of the catalog of services offered:

Program Management Service Catalog

The University Services PMO Program Management Practice is committed to managing UServices’ IT investment by ensuring the right work is performed at the right time, and performed efficiently and effectively by qualified project teams.

Program Management and Support

  • Align IT investment and project work with documented organizational strategies and priorities.
  • Coordinate projects sharing similar goals that would have benefits if coordinated together.
  • Create and update industry recognized project artifacts and work aides.
  • Apply standardized project management processes, tools and methodologies across all projects.

Common IT Activity Reporting

  • Document the IT Asset Allocation Model showing resource investments between maintenance, enhancements (to current applications) and new projects.
  • Encourage standardized progress and status reporting.
  • Promote cross departmental communications and collaboration.

Enterprise Resource Management

  • Act as central clearinghouse to align enterprise and external resources to priority departmental project teams.
  • Facilitate contracting for professional services.
  • Employ Resource Availability tools to calculate booked time and available capacity of all enterprise resources for current and future work planning.

EPM Administration and Support

  • Administer IT time tracking across activity-based cost accounting categories.
  • Support Enterprise Project Management suite 2010, MS Project Professional and SharePoint project management services.
  • Make available greater planning and analysis tools using project data already provided by project teams.

Project Management Service Catalog

The University Services PMO Project Management Practice is committed to promoting the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals through a standard methodology and process.

Project Management

Projects that involve cross departmental and/or campus involvement.

  • Professional project managers.
  • Software tools.
  • Centralized management of projects.
  • Trained personnel.
  • Consistent and reliable project reporting and tracking.
  • Focus on successful project delivery.
  • Project Methodology and Supporting Tools.
  • Project Control and Oversight.
  • Process to support prioritization and business value realization.

Consulting and Engagement

When is a project really a project?

  • Consulting: Upon request, someone from the PMO team will provide analysis and consulting support for any of the processes and tools provided on the PMO web site tools section.
  • Mentoring and Coaching: The Project Management team will provide on-going mentoring for project managers and work on developing staff on the project management methodology.
  • Facilitation: The PMO team will provide facilitation services for project kick-off meetings, requirement gathering sessions, lessons learned, as well as others that are part of the project lifecycle.

Business Analysis Service Catalog

The University Services PMO is committed to enabling change in an organizational context by using a disciplined approach to defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

Business Analysis

  • Owns the definition, analysis and documentation of client business and functional requirements for computer systems and programs especially those that address common needs across University Services needs in accordance with recognized principles of business analysis;
  • Works to create specifications for system inputs, system outputs, and functional processes, including data requirements to be used in systems;
  • Assists in producing diagrams and schematics to describe current or new systems and networks, including business-process diagrams and use cases, and formalizes into a comprehensive Business Requirements Document reviewed and approved by project sponsors and stakeholders.

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Collaborates with PMO and departmental business and IT staff in the design, testing, training, implementation and transition to production support of cross-organizational information technology solutions;
  • Consults with individual U Services departments and IT staff and supports the creation of the formal business and functional requirement to drive the design, implementation and maintenance cycles of appropriate cross-organizational information systems;
  • Assists Project Managers in preparing documentation needed for project control.

Coordinate Processes and Best Practices

  • Leads the PMO BA Practice developing and advocating the BA best practices, policies and tool sets available to the PMO and department project team;
  • Maintains business analysis toolkit and keeps current with industry trends and best practices.

Quality Assurance Service Catalog

The University Services PMO Quality Assurance Practice is committed to promoting quality control practices through standards and testing to identify all quality issues and facilitate decision making before releasing a product to end users.

Quality Control

  • Promote and lead project quality reviews.
  • Analyze and communicate test results.
  • Validate business and software requirements.

Quality Assurance

  • Plan and develop test plans, test scenarios, and test scripts based on business requirements.
  • Develop and communicate testing across the software development lifecycle. Including unit, functional, integration, destructive, performance, and regression testing.
  • Execute test scripts and end-to-end testing.
  • Organize defects and manage fixes using Quality Center or SharePoint Services.

User Acceptance Testing

  • Promote acceptance test planning and methods.
  • Facilitate end user acceptance testing.
  • Manage defects and quality issues.
  • Develop success matrix documents.
  • Document and communicate results and end user sign off.


  • Educating and advising project teams on using quality assurance and testing documents, templates, best practices, and other available tools.

Training and Technical Writing Practice Service Catalog

The University Services PMO Training and Technical Writing Practice supports the organization in technology and process change improvements through communication and product and process education. Our mission is to successfully manage project change initiatives by preparing end users to be aware, knowledgeable and ready for the impacts of the change at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Professional Development

  • Designing and delivering custom professional development workshops or seminars. Examples include: problem solving tools, project and business communication standards.
  • Designing and delivering workshops on project management to include, project management fundamentals and business analysis topics.

Project Management Consulting and Training

  • Consulting with project managers on using EPM 2010 including project management processes and required project documentation.
  • Training on MS Project Enterprise Project Management 2010 including online training and focused workshops on specific EPM 2010 topics.

Technical Writing

  • Applying technical writing techniques to project and training documentation and PMO communication.

Meeting Facilitation and Planning

  • Facilitating requirements gathering sessions, project lessons learned meetings, project kick off meetings or problem solving brainstorming sessions.
  • Planning meetings including agendas, meeting format and icebreakers.

Product Training and Deliverables

  • Delivering training for software product implementations using a variety of instructional techniques and formats such as group exercises and hands-on practice. Mentoring subject matter experts for the trainer role. Evaluating training effectiveness.
  • Developing software product user materials to include Quick Reference Guides, User Guides, Training Guides and Visual Aids.
  • Developing software product implementation deliverables to include service level agreements and help desk support materials.
  • Evaluating vendor materials and working with the vendors to coordinate onsite training.

Enterprise GIS Service Catalog

The Enterprise GIS practice supports GIS projects and operations, and provides GIS consulting services. GIS mapping and analysis projects are built with "layers" of data that can be stored in a standard relational database management system such as Oracle. In this way, a GIS combines the visual benefits of a map with the power of a database. Enterprise GIS is dedicated to supporting, growing, and further integrating this emerging technology for needs ranging from simple map development to spatial analysis to facility asset management.

Project Management

  • Receive new GIS project requests, and coordinate inclusion into the GIS project portfolio.
  • Enterprise GIS project portfolio tracking and management.
  • Deliver GIS-focused projects following project delivery best practices.
  • Provide project management, business analysis, and other project roles from a GIS subject matter expert perspective.
  • Act as a liaison to the Enterprise GIS Steering Committee.

Production Support

  • Provide University of Minnesota interactive map maintenance and support.
  • Provide ArcGIS software maintenance and coordination for Enterprise GIS customers.
  • Provide Geodatabase infrastructure hosting and management.
  • Provide GIS data hosting services for departmental customers.
  • Provide ArcGIS Server hosting and management.
  • Provide departmental GIS web services hosting using ArcGIS Server.
  • Provide mobile GIS support for ArcPad software and Trimble mapping grade GPS.


  • Provide general support for GIS end-users.
  • Provide University of Minnesota GIS Base Map data maintenance and sharing.
  • Create custom map design and production based on specific end-user needs.
  • Offer GIS data digitizing, processing, integration, and extraction.
  • Use specialized GIS tools to solve location-focused questions.
  • Provide specialized GIS training and customer self-help references.


  • Partner with customers to define requirements=based GIS solutions.
  • Educate and inform colleagues about GIS solutions and innovations.

Web Development Service Catalog

The University Services PMO Web Development Practice is committed to developing and maintaining web sites that promote and support the University of Minnesota’s brand.


  • Design and deliver professional web sites using University of Minnesota approved templates. Our process includes gathering requirements, assisting with organizing your content, creating custom-designed prototypes, coding the HTML, importing the content, and maintaining your web site on a continuing basis.
  • Develop forms, surveys, and other dynamic web pages.
  • Organize and write content for departmental web site that is in compliance with standards and guidelines outlined in the University of Minnesota style guide.
  • Facilitate set up of new web sites through OIT’s request process.
  • Develop and organize testing which follows the PMO’s lifecycle for software development.
  • Coordinate the transition to production support.

Support & Maintenance

  • Maintain and support existing departmental web sites per Statement of Work/Service Level Agreements.
  • Develop and own change management process for each web site.
  • Problem solve existing web site design issues.


  • Advise and educate departmental web designers on University of Minnesota brand standards and best practices for web site design at the university.
  • Promote third party software integration (UM Content, Survey Monkey, Google Docs).