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University Services Departmental Policies

The policies listed below apply to all University Services organizations that create, store, or access sensitive data.

File Name Format Size Release Date
US IS Security Policy .PDF 141 K 03-08-2012
US Server Security Standard Policy & Procedure .PDF 363 K 06-25-2010

University of Minnesota Campus Wide Policies

The policies listed below are University of Minnesota campus wide policies and apply to everyone affiliated with the University.



These instructions will assist you in resetting your Compass password. If you need any additional assitance please call 1-HELP for all your technology needs (1-4357)

File Name Format Size Release Date
How to Access Compass From Home .PDF 325 K 04-25-2012
Change Your Compass Password .PDF 166 K 04-25-2012
Reset Your Compass Password .PDF 166 K 02-27-2013

Google Apps

Before proceeding, please read the definition of the two different Google passwords and then proceed with which fits your needs:

  • Internet Password: This affects your logins for University Computers, Web Mail, and Benefits.
  • Google Mobile Desktop Password: This affects your login to local mail and calendar clients (platforms include Thunderbird, Outlook, iCal, iPhone, and Android clients).

File Name Format Size Release Date
Changing Your Google Passwords .PDF 208 K 04-25-2012

Google Chrome

Beginning 11/9/12, University Services PCs will begin to have both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome on the U-Services managed computer.

  • Internet Explorer: The recommended browser for University Applications such as Compass, Business Objects/Webi, EPM and others.
  • Google Chrome:This web browser is intended for use with Google Apps but can still be used with University Applications; however, many of our applications will have unsupported issues.

File Name Format Size Release Date
Google Chrome Quick Reference .PDF 243 K 11-08-2012
Browser Compatibility by Application .PDF 70 K 11-09-2012

Printer Related

Here is some documents on how to easily facilitate much of your printing questions, else most questions can be answered quickly and efficiently with one call to 1-HELP (1-4357).

File Name Format Size Release Date
How to Install Printers to Your Computer .PDF 160 K 04-26-2012
Changing from Duplex to Single-sided Printing .PDF 151 K 03-08-2012


Network and Wireless Access

On Campus: U of M Secure

Off Campus: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The link below will connect you to OIT's page for VPN downloads. To download the correct VPN client you must know your computer's operating system.

Remoting into a Departmental Computer

These instructions will assist you in connection to your work computer from your home computer. You will need to find your work computer's IP address before attempting a Remote Desktop Connection from your home computer.

File Name Format Size Release Date
Remote Desktop Instructions .PDF 135 K 04-25-2012

Find My Work Computer IP Address

Use these instructions to find the IP address of your computer.

  1. Click Start, and then select All Programs;
  2. Click Accessories, and then Command Prompt;
  3. At the Command Prompt, enter ipconfig;
  4. The IP Address (or IPv4 address, if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista) will be a series of numbers following the pattern xxx.xx.xx.xx (i.e.,


I would like to...

Find out if there is an application or system outage.

Change my Compass password.

Change my Email/Internet password.

Submit a US IS Account Request form.

Purchase Hardware or Software

Find information on Mobile Computing

Phone Support: 1-4357


First contact now handled by 1-Help (1-4357) for all service calls, inquiries, and escalations.

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